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Honeywell, Mercury Instruments and Metretek

All Remotek employees have been trained to install a range of measurement equipment and associated telecommunications hardware supplied by Honeywell, Mercury Instruments and Metretek.

Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling

REMOTEK employees hold Telstra Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling accreditation.

Confined Spaces

REMOTEK employees are accredited to work in confined spaces.

Note: REMOTEK have approved tripods, fall arrestors, communications and calibrated gas detectors required for confined spaces.

Telstra Site Induction

REMOTEK employees have been Telstra site inducted; they are able to audit, survey and work in Telstra network and facilties.


All REMOTEK employees are holders of “Electronic Access Card System” cards; allowing entry to Telstra sites.

Open Registration (ACMA)

All REMOTEK employees have full open cabling licences with a range of endorsements.

OH&S Induction (Green / Blue Card)

All REMOTEK employees possess the current WorkCover OH&S induction cards..

Asbestos Awareness

All REMOTEK employees have been trained in SPC-04 Asbestos Awareness and the WorkCover guide to working with asbestos.